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Circle Media is an interactive digital signage solution, created with a fresh perspective of high engagement and affordable solutions to your consumers with our state of the art, innovative digital interactive media platform through our cloud & content management system anywhere, anytime. Our features aim to satisfy your needs of creative advertising and promoting in the most efficient way.

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Software Solution | Passive Signage
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Interactive Features Available

Circle Media Live Steaming Feature

Live Streaming

Live screening and broadcasting of events, live sports matches, forums, conferences and many more. Drive consumers to tune-in and engage those hard-to-reach audiences that includes integrating a broad demographic. Whether it is streamed online or broadcasted, there is something cheering about the fact that people at the venue of the screen can experience a live screening.

Social Media

Social media integration is a real time seeding process for your brand organisation’s social media page wherein your quality branded content is showcased on the screen. it’s interesting, useful, informative, inspiring or entertaining, allowing business users to share their branded content that contains elements like the product or services itself, its description, review, images, videos, and price at ease of real time postings, seamlessly. Content selection is available on these platforms are available in a creative and unique way that will be highly visible to the public or viewer. This enables a growing fan base to view the content on screen and garners more views and likes on the social media platforms.

Circle Media Social Media Feature
Circle Media Advertising and Promotional Banner Feature

Advertising & Promotional banners

Constantly keep the public updated in a more efficient way by distributing messages to a specific target audience, while cutting back on the creation of reams of printed materials that often find their way into garbage cans or recycling bins. Create promotions on the go that Circle Media can run within minutes, seamlessly. Increase your visibility, footfall, and sales with customised, pop-up, festive or promotional banners. A great advertising tool for businesses that can be projected on the interactive digital player screen. These banners can be displayed multiple ways to give your name, logo and message maximum exposure anywhere you want! Suitable for all industry related events, promotions and discounts.

Queue Management System

Circle Media’s queue management system that allows businesses to handle customer queues smartly and with speed. Our smart cloud-based system monitors data related to queues in real time. Our cloud based software can then assess this data to speed up the performance of your business or service.

Circle Media Queue Management System Feature

Additional Features

Circle Media allows Content & Channel Personalization
Circle Media is easy to use
Circle Media offers low investment
Circle Media enables social media marketing
Circle Media maximises marketing
Circle Media allows coupon redemption

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